Picture perfect smile | Camera ready smile for selfie, wedding

In the world of selfies, where taking pictures, posting and sharing them online on various social media networks such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and Twitter has almost become a necessity, Dr.Tina Chhatpar (Israni) tells us how to get the most flattering photogenic smile. She says, “Selfies are usually close-up pictures since they are typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or a phone camera from a short distance. This can make people really conscious about their teeth and smiles.”

Weddings are usually also times when the bride and the groom have to go through a series of photography sessions, and since it’s the biggest day of their lives they most definitely want to have the most photogenic smiles in their photo albums.

Do you have to be a Deepika Padukone or have the genes of a bollywood, hollywood celebrity to get the picture perfect smile?
The answer is ‘No’.

Few tips to make your smile better

Be camera-ready and take perfect selfies

Dr.Tina lists some simple points to follow to create a selfie-ready and a crowd-pleasing smile.

Tip No. 1: Don’t force a smile
Always strike a smile that you can hold on for a long time. Your smile should be soft and natural, don’t tire your facial muscles. When you smile gently, your face looks relaxed.

‘Should I show all my teeth?’ is the most common question and the answer is a big “NO”. Your mouth should open slightly, and your lower lip should match the curve of your upper teeth. You should feel the edges of your upper front teeth gently touching your lower lip. Your cheeks may rise a little.

Things to Avoid:
Don’t go for the jumping-with-joy kind of a smile which you would give otherwise. For example, the smile that flashes on your face when your favourite team wins cricket or a football match. This kind of smile will only make your eyes look smaller and make the face and neck muscles tense. You don’t want a funny looking picture on your big occasion.

Tip No. 2: Choose the correct shade of lipstick
This is for all the ladies out there – Make sure you have some basic shades of lipstick, the right shade can make your teeth look whiter and in turn make you look younger than your age. Always go for the cherry reds, wine, berry, plum or rosy pinks. The shades to avoid should be light pink or blue based undertones; they will bring out the yellow in your teeth.

Note: If you have lipstick sticking to your teeth, it’s a sign that you haven’t been for a professional clean-up in a while and the plaque build-up has increased or you are not drinking enough water, and the mouth has become excessively dry in which case you might want to schedule an appointment with us soon.

Tip No. 3: Keeping a correct posture
Selfie is taken from a very short distance, hence you must keep your posture right. Bend your face at an angle of 45 degrees, so that it’s not parallel to the camera, which will also make your jawline look sharper and avoid showing excess flab on the face. Avoid slouching at all times.

Tip No. 4: Get your teeth and gums camera-ready
Is coffee,or too much wine making your teeth look yellower than usual? Then you might want to contact us to help you whiten your teeth in less than an hour. Similarly, if your teeth are chipped, cracked, broken or crooked then they can be easily corrected through absolutely painless procedures.

Your gums are as important as your teeth. If you have bleeding gums or red gums it’s usually a sign of inflammation and it can spoil your smile. This can also be easily taken care of by regular teeth cleaning and gum cleaning sessions.

Tip No. 5: Practice your smile
A perfect smile will not happen in a day. Make the mirror your best friend. If you have a big event coming up or you want to look amazing in your pictures, try and practice the perfect smile in front of the mirror. Keep your posture right; you can check for the angle that works the best for you. Make sure you have an unforced smile.

Wear a beautiful smile, after-all you are never fully dressed without a smile!!

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