Turn back the clock with a younger looking smile!

Healthy teeth make you look younger

Healthy teeth make you look younger

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The other day I went to see my parents  after a long time. As I was relishing my mom’s home-cooked food and dads witty ideas, which he always shares with us, one thing that he said that day is still lingering in my brain. He said that one innovation that everyone would like to see today is an Anti-ageing pill, not like a placebo but something  that promises people that they won’t ever age; and wow I thought that would be amazing!!!  Who doesn’t want to look young?

People today spend lakhs of rupees each year on services and products designed to make them look more attractive.Countless women and an increasing number of men have facelifts and other surgical procedures in an effort to enhance their appearance and remain competitive in today’s job market where looking youthful is an asset. While many patients benefit from plastic surgery, others could be helped with cosmetic dentistry alone.

After all, your smile is one of the most important parts of your face. If your smile is attractive and healthy looking, it will take years off your appearance. If on the other hand your smile reveals worn, discoloured, chipped or missing teeth, you’ll  look older than you should, and no amount of plastic surgery can change that.

While we all are secretly waiting in anticipation for that magic Anti-ageing pill to hit the markets, I am happy I can do my bit to help people achieve a healthy younger looking smile.

How can you look and feel younger?

Dentistry’s role in improving appearance is often misunderstood and under-rated. For example, many people believe that only a denture can alter the appearance of their smile, yet nothing could be further from the truth. Such cost effective smile correction techniques as cosmetic contouring, bleaching, bonding often work wonders – typically in a single office visit!

10 tips to keep your smile young:

  1. Avoid habit such as aggressive tooth brushing: If you’re not brushing correctly, ask your dentist or hygienist to show you how. Although some loss of tooth structure due to mechanical wear is inevitable, incorrect brushing often accelerates the process.
  2. Take Preventive oral hygiene seriously to avoid gum and bone loss: Six monthly checkups and teeth cleaning appointments should be scheduled with your dentist.
  3. Replace Faulty fillings before they cause problems: Your dentist will be able to check for any micro leakages in the old silver fillings which can be replaced with new tooth coloured material.
  4. Lighten any Discoloured teeth: whiter teeth are a sign of youth, if your teeth have become yellow over time its a good idea to whiten them with a home or Phillips zoom office whitening, ask your doctor which one is suitable for your teeth.
  5. If Crowns or bridges are worn out, replace them: Sometimes the crowns that you have been living with for years have either worn out or they have metal perforations, please have them replaced before they cause any further damage to your gums or teeth.
  6. Replace any Missing teeth as soon as possible: Missing teeth in your mouth will definitely make you look older than your age, especially if they are your front teeth. Replace them with Implants or bridges whatever is the best for you.
  7. Never chew ice or hard candy or suck on lemons if you do so it will lead to sensitive teeth in future
  8. Watch for unnatural wear and avoid grinding your teeth: Many patients have a habit of grinding their teeth in the sleep, your dentist will be able to find out if your doing so and will make a preventive night guard that will take care of your teeth.
  9. Correct a bad bite: If you have been told about a bad bite its always better to correct it to avoid any jaw aches in the future, orthodontic treatment or braces is the first choice for bite correction.
  10.  Ask your Dentist for a video intra-oral exam

Lastly I would say, Never stop caring!

As they get older, some people stop taking proper care of themselves, including their teeth. If this sounds like you, remember it’s never too late to start taking care of yourself again.If you have friends or family members who no longer take interest in their looks, share this article with them, let them know how much better they can feel with an updated smile.

You could be a tremendous help in improving not only their appearance but also their outlook on life.

Remember your chronological age should never stand between you and a more pleasing appearance.

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